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task force imagesCFNS organizes task forces to focus on, or support, the academic community, Congress, the media, and other establishments and professionals where intelligence and national security issues are in play. These task forces work in teams drawn from CFNS's citizen members who choose to become active in combating specific dangers posed by radical Islam and other extremist ideologies. They are educated and enabled to undertake research projects which promise to offer enormous resources for individuals and organizations on the ground working daily to resist the threats to our country from militant Islam.

Currently, we have six task forces formed to conduct research. Unlike the numerous sources of implications, innuendos, gossip, blog talk, unconnected dots - and the like - our ultimate objective is to become the paramount repository of universally available credible, factual and irrefutable data on key components of the militant Islamist movement.

While one might think that this material is already available - it isn't! Not with the depth we are seeking. For one thing, if our intelligence community perchance has it, it is classified and not accessible to others in the public and private sectors. Furthermore, government departments and agencies are not even allowed by law to investigate the types of matters, or ask the kind of questions in their research, that we have in mind. But, as private citizens, we have no such restrictions. And, most significantly, individuals and organizations neither have, nor can they afford, the people they need to do this research. But we have them - our concerned members!

We assemble and organize teams, with team leaders, who will work under our supervision to assemble the pieces. We show team members what to do, how to do it, and monitor their progress. They may put in as much time as they like, anywhere from a few hours a week to "endless" if they become fascinated by what they discover - which we think will often be the case.

Once we have compiled this treasure-trove of persuasive evidence, we will offer it to those who need it most: prosecutors, law enforcement officials, media reporters, judges, congressional staffs, college professors, government at all levels, think tanks, public school administrators - the list is endless. CFNS members can be part of creating these resources in the comfort of their own home or office, usually with their own computer, at times most convenient for them.

If, after reviewing the descriptions of these task forces below, any member is interested in being on one of them, please e-mail info@CFNS.US, or call 561-483-6430.

TASK FORCE 1. Document the organizational extent of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in North America.

  1. a. Identify all the major Muslim organizations which directly stem from the MB or the Muslim Students Association.
    b. Identify organizations, charities, 501(c)(3)'s, etc. that are offshoots from the primary organizations.
    c. Identify all religious organizations, community centers and schools that are controlled by MB organizations, such as NAIT -- the North American Islamic Trust.
    d. Create charts, maps and diagrams that depict interrelationships, patterns, etc. that accurately portray the info gleaned from a, b, c above.
    e. Retain all information underlying the analyses in electronic form, and include footnotes and citations in standard academic form.
    f. Retain, catalog and store videos, sounds, speeches and any other form of multimedia data.

TASK FORCE 2. Create a detailed timeline of the MB and its international activities since inception.

  1. a. Pay particular attention to documentation of the persons involved in the MB, and the organizations and philosophies they created or espoused.
    b. Construct a parallel timeline of terrorist acts which they, or their members, committed.
    c. Document a timeline depicting the reaction of Arab States to the MB.
    d. Construct a chart depicting the involvement of specific MB members and leaders in the global Jihadist movement.
    e. Retain all information underlying the analyses in electronic form, and include footnotes and citations in standard academic form.
    f. Retain, catalog and store videos, sounds, speeches and any other form of multimedia data.

TASK FORCE 3. Conduct research leading to full biographies, financial reports and relationship information regarding members of the various organizations, movements, etc. identified in Task Forces 1 & 2 above.

TASK FORCE 4. Identify "Islamic" businesses, social and religious organizations, schools, etc. throughout North America.

TASK FORCE 5. Catalog all known cases of lawsuits brought or threatened by the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) against individuals, organizations, government and businesses throughout North America.

  1. a. Determine the universe of such actions.
    b. Author synopses of each incident, those involved, demands made and outcome.
    c. Describe each public position taken by CAIR related to a terrorism case.

TASK FORCE 6. Examine Florida K-12 public school programs to determine the extent of Islamic influence on curricula, student clubs, joint school/community projects, etc.

  1. a. Learn the process for how books are selected.
    b. See who is on the boards for choosing the books.
    c. Determine the book selection criteria.
    d. Find out the names of publishing companies and organizations which provide deliberately biased books and teaching materials regarding the Middle East.
    e. Find out names and backgrounds of administrators and teachers responsible for initiating, promoting or influencing Islamic student groups.
    f. Identify relationships between Islamic student clubs and groups, and Islamic community organizations.



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